So long Seward

Goodbye Seward. Hello open road.

Today my boyfriend, Shawn, and I crammed our short-seasoned Alaskan lives into the white 1993 Subaru Legacy, we affectionately named “Haole Girl.” (My Hawaii people will get that.)  The logistics of fitting various sized bags, boxes, fishing pole, ukelele, cameras and camping gear was almost as fun as tetris, and in the midst of pouring rain. After making Seward our home for 7 months, we said aloha to Exit Glacier. Standing in the presence of this sleeping ice giant, you cannot help but feel humility as a blink of an eye by glacial epic standards. The river of ice, slowly flowing and retreating backwards hundreds of feet each year, holds an immense amount of energy. The blue glow of the dense ice will mesmerize you. We said goodbye to the ancient ice and left town.

A good way to say goodbye to Seward.

The bunny hill of our journey was the drive from Seward to Anchorage; 126.6 miles of beautiful mountains bordered by the golden fall colors of south central Alaska. After a few bumps in the road (literally, bumps are causing issues with our hood popping up and other than some dog poo deciding to hitch a ride,) we finally made our way north to Anchorage, the most populous town of Alaska. After dropping our dear friend, Sarah, clad with hula hoop, off at the Anchorage International Airport on her way back to the windy city of Chicago, we made our way to Spenard Hostel International. The colorful painting of totem poles made the building stand out among the dull housing developments, minutes away from the airport. Convenient with character.

I’m looking forward to an early start; wrapping up lose ends and eventually driving the first leg of the Alcan tomorrow. During the summer, it seems only RVs are allowed to partake. Now that road tourism has backed off, I’m glad this opportunity is available no matter the size or gas consumption of your vehicle. We picked up a trusty copy of the Milepost to guide us along the way–the go to source on road tripping in Alaska and Western Canada.

Tomorrow, north. To the future.

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