Anchored in Anchorage

Hurry up and wait has been the theme of today. We’ve been anchored in Anchorage for a bit longer than expected waiting to have our lopsided vehicle aligned. We decided to make the best of the day.

We are already making friends. We roomed at the hostel with a large native Alaskan with kind eyes named Elia. Although he kept us kept us up half the night snoring, he greeted us with smiles in the morning. “Do you trust me?” He asked Shawn after a brief conversation. Shawn hesitated a moment and then answered yes, unsure of what would come next. Elia handed him two Hematite necklaces and explained that they were too tight on his neck and choking him. “This one has Chevrons…this one has Jesus fish.”

Thanks, Elia. We shall treasure them.

Chevron and Jesus Fish necklaces made of Hematite.

After dropping off Haole Girl, we walked several blocks in the wrong direction in the pouring rain, finally realizing that Anchorage is not a city for walking. It is a city of big trucks that willingly splash through large puddles aiming to soak pedestrians. The equivalent of cow tipping in Alaska.

To get out of the rain, we ducked into what is surely the most authentic Vietnamese food restaurant in Alaska. Pho Vietnam on Denali is a delicious way to get warm on a rainy day. I ordered spicy noodle soup and Shawn went for ox tail soup. The salty, spicy sweet beef broth of Pho would warm the most frigid of souls. Soon our table was full of food: shrimp and pork spring rolls with peanut sauce for appetizers, an avocado smoothie for me and a sour sop smoothie for Shawn. Everything was mouthwatering.


The perfect rainy day food.

While we are still waiting for our car to finish its alignment, we found Summit Spice and Tea Company, just next door to Pho Vietnam on Denali. With hundreds of loose leaf teas, you can enjoy a warm pot while waiting for the store’s transformation into a yoga studio. Yep, that’s right. Summit doubles as a yoga studio after 5 pm on Fridays. I could use a little yoga before the long drive.

Alright, Anchorage. You’ve got us for another day. We had high hopes of leaving today.

Guess we’ll stay. Namaste.

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