La Belleza Sobra

It’s been a fair while since I’ve shared my inner musings with this site. For the past several years, life felt like it was rushing forward like a broken dam, a beautiful blur of unstoppable experiences. For some intangible reason, I took a break from documenting my travels in this intimate arena, on the Road Less Graveled. I focused more recently on my photography but have missed delving into writing.

2016 is off to an incredible start. Traveling with good friends in Mexico and Cuba, I’m making an attempt to get back in the writing game in tandem with photography: I want to share my thoughts and images with whoever might be interested enough to read and look. A way to catalog my experiences on earth and possibly inspire others to get out and connect with the world. I hope to illuminate my passion in helping others realize they are intrinsically connected to nature.

I’ve learned so much and intend to continue learning during my ramblings on this beautiful earth. So far, I believe 2016 is about self-acceptance and love. I can be indecisive and spontaneous; I feel at times that I have too many passions and am unfocused. This year, I am determined to embrace my many endeavors and deeply connect to my creativity. I will continue to pursue ecology and express my love of nature through photography, travel, writing, yoga and water sports. I will no longer fight my urge to be a fully realized multipotentialite.


In this ever changing flow of life, I have no idea where I will end up and I’m becoming more uncomfortable with uncertainty each day.

I am on the road to finding peace in surrender to the unknown.

I’m excited for upcoming challenges and find that exploring endless possibilities is parallel to the immensity of vast wilderness. There is no “right” road. There is no specific way that will yield perfection. The beauty is found in the imperfections that create an existence wilder than your wildest dreams.

In Cuba, I discovered a beautiful expression of celebration that I want to live by each day: Salud porque la belleza sobra. It translates to: cheers because the beauty overflows. I resonate with this in so many ways. It is a daily reminder that the beauty of life is inexhaustible if you choose to see it so.

I was recently accepted into the Inner Fire luminary program which is great motivation to become more active in collaborating with other talented creative people around the globe. 2016 is about being stunned by the overflowing opportunities that are available to us everyday, and choosing the perspective to see the good in the world. I am so grateful to share this life with all of you. Happy new year, friends. Salad!


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