A Part of it All

We are a part of nature.

Go ahead, take a deep breath. As air rushes into your lungs, you are reminded of how you’ve come alive.

We need nature to survive. There is no denying that at the core of our being, we are connected to the whole of life on a cellular level. We are, by definition, animals, and therefore we are a part of the greater ecosystem. We need clear air, clean water and to grow food from the earth. It is humanity’s lesson to learn how to become at peace with nature. As we experience unprecedented environmental degradation, the current state of the world is proof that we need to be in harmony with the earth.

It is the only way to save ourselves.

Everything in this universe is connected. It is an immense symphony and each player has it’s part. The rivers, tide and rain are percussion, and the creatures and plants are individual instruments that create unique sounds; each plays a vital role in the whole. As humans, we are no different.

It is my deepest belief that we are not separate from nature. We must play our part.

It is our responsibility to save our planet in order to save ourselves.

Nature has been my sanctuary since before I can remember. My entire life I have pursued learning and teaching about the environment. Each day I wake up with gratitude in my heart for this journey. I begin by bringing awareness to the breath, listening to the rain or wind outside, feeling the sunlight on my skin and looking out the window to see what weather the day will bring. I get outside everyday, whether climbing a mountain, surfing or just going for a walk. Each day, I connect with nature and feel a welling of gratitude in my heart for the precious gift of life. I have always had a great love for nature, but it has never been so strong and vibrant as when I combine it with my yoga practice. Yoga has taught me that we are bound to nature by our breath.

We are bound to nature with our minds, bodies and souls.

It is this connection that makes us whole; the only constant in our ever-changing reality. In every culture, it is exhibited that we are an essential part of the earth and when we speak of a higher source, we are talking directly about our energetic connection to nature. While I teach yoga, I incorporate breath into each posture, drawing vital energy or prana into the asanas, bringing awareness to the philosophy that we are individually connected to the greater whole of the universe. I find yoga is a clear way to communicate intangible energy through tangible breath and the power that is cultivated through asanas.


It is this interneconnectedness that brings me peace when the world feels wildly out of control.

Bringing attention to weather patterns and the simple rhythms of our body can bring clarity to the mind. I often practice outside; at times, I spontaneously find myself doing a headstand while looking over alpine lakes or ocean cliffs.

Yoga is the secret key to unlock our suffering in the fast paced world of materialism and bring us back to ourselves; our simplistic nature of breathing and being at peace is our sacred association to the natural world. Many people will speak harshly about the state of our world, bringing conversations of doom and gloom to the table, saying that humans are ruining the planet with greed and consumerism. Perhaps we are, but it is not our true essence.

We are simply out of balance.

Humanity is on a journey to learn how to get back into balance. We must start with ourselves, by treating our own inner ecosystems, our bodies and minds, with love and respect, by eating mindfully, meditating and getting outside everyday. Through yoga we can start to gain the awareness of what is like to be in harmony with our surroundings. As we work to save ourselves, we can ultimately save the planet.

I urge you to take a deep breath.

Our world depends on it.


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