Aloha, World! My name is Elisa Weiss, a native to the stunning, drizzly Pacific Northwest.

I am an ecologist, photographer, writer, artist, and surfer with a passion for culture, health and conservation. I have been a traveler of all trades in the making for the past 10 years: at any given time, I’ve been found teaching English in China, sailing in New Zealand, researching whales in Hawai’i, surfing in Panama, climbing in the High Sierra and doing humanitarian work in Vietnam.

I’ve made it my goal to always travel with mindfulness.

To learn and grow as I traverse this road of life; no matter how muddy.

This is a place to ignite the purpose of your travels; whether it be seeking surf and good climbing rock, planning a backcountry excursion, working for peace and conservation or just spreading Aloha.

Join me in learning to keep an open mind and open heart while feeding the adventurous soul. As complicated as life can be, I’m aiming to keep it simple: live to learn, learn to live.

Keep wandering this amazing world and take the road less graveled.

a   l   o   h   a


In my element. Big Sur coast.

20 responses to “About

  1. Well, it is indeed wonderful to find you on the web. You seem to be having much fun out of life or may be the the life is getting most fun out of you. It is beautiful. Enjoy discovering, enjoy traveling, and enjoy being you. SMiles to Elisa from Kathmandu..

  2. Greetings from Australia Elisa,
    I fully understand your love of culture travelling and nature. I share all these as well as trying to manifest, “a love for my fellow neighbour” in the bigger scheme of things. Photography is the medium where I can experience all these things at once. Take great care, and all the best on your wonderful journey.
    God bless

  3. amazing work, our respect and congrats. seems like we have the same ideas about life and work. We’re thrilled to have found you. Good luck with your project and see you soon. Be sure to read our blog, for even more inspration.

  4. Dear Elisa,

    I recently took notice that you are following our blog.

    In the name of the Coffeebooksong Studios team I would like to thank you for the honor of making our work one of your sources of inspiration for creating products and services that will change everything for the better.

    Please feel free to recommend great artists who we could work with, send us links to inspiring work so we can use it in the future while giving full credit to it’s creator(s), and make story requests.
    Each email will be carefully reviewed and properly answered as quickly as possible.

    Thank you for your help in offering inspiration and hope to the world.

    Nicholas Merrynote
    Founder and CEO of Coffeebooksong Studios

  5. Hey, following the reblog (some few months back) I remain a fan and have added you to my newly-created blogroll! Thought you might like to know. Hope you’re off having awesome adventures – and look forward to reading about them later.

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