Kindred Sites

These are some of my favorite blogs that create inspiration

for the things I love:


nomadicmatt – this guy has it  down: travel cheaper, longer, better

jespanol – impressive and hilarious writings of a teacher in Spain

2nomads1narrative – the journey of a quirky couple with story telling skills

teachtravelplay – Learn how to teach, travel and play from an amazing, colorful writer


steve mccurry’s blog – one of my all time favorites: the famed nat geo photojournalist

hikingphoto – Amazing photography of an avid hiker in the Canadian Rockies

aaron joel santos – Incredible photos in the beautiful country of Vietnam

visionsofthewild – Photography of Florian Schultz, nat geo wildlife photographer


national infographic – art director of nat geo’s behind the scene

drawn – talented artist with creative ideas

artsology – the science of art

notesfromtheroad – an awesome travel site, I especially love the nature sketches from the field


itsallaboutyoga – go to for yoga pondering

yogamint – refresh your mind, body and soul

The Great Outdoors

outdoorsblogger – adventure and nature in a delicious combo

rockclimbergirl – for girls who climb rocks

voyage of swell – Liz Clark, badass extraordinaire, sails and surfs the south pacific


thepickyeater – eat your way to a healthy life

saltyseattle – Gourmet creativity from a salty, sassy vixen Seattlite

Science and Ecology

scienceblogs – where the world talks about science

eco and the id – photography and musings about natural things

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